We are using a mix of exclusive and familiar mods on the server. If you have questions about a specific mod, please contact a staff member. Here are some highlights:

Don’t scrap it, disassemble it! Almost all items including ammunition can be disassembled. You will receive far more back from disassembling than scrapping. To disassemble something, look at the recipe list for that item and choose the disassemble recipe. Then open the disassemble bundle to receive your resources

We have craftable working sinks and ovens. Look for them in your crafting menu.

Many decoration items are craftable – doors, lights, furniture and more can be crafted by you. Search “expanded” in your crafting menu to see a list.

The level cap on the server is 500. This is because we have an additional skills tree available. Look for the trophy icon on your skills tab (next to your perk books.) There you will find a large list of skills to further enhance your gameplay.

Armors, tools, and weapons are upgradable. To see how an item can be upgraded, look at the list of recipes on the item. To unlock these recipes, raise your skill in the corresponding category:

Improved Armorsmithing – Unlocks at level 5 of Armor Specialist
Improved Toolsmithing – Unlocks at level 5 of Tool Mastery
Improved Gunsmithing – Unlocks at level 5 of Weapon Specialist
Improved Weaponsmithing – Unlocks at level 5 of Melee Damage

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