Base Saves

Have you built a base that you love and really want to live in it again next wipe? As long as your base is built on flat ground (or underground) and is no larger than 50×50, we can save your base for you. Saved bases can be placed into the world on a new map one time. Once a base has been saved and placed, it will not be saved again. A new base will need to be built or purchased. Only the main structure of the base will be saved. Anything outside of the main structure (a garden for example,) would be considered a separate save and would require a second payment. Saved bases may have no more than 10 lootable bookshelves and 5 total of any other type of lootable (5 total safes, 5 total lockers, etc.) Any lootables in your base that exceed these limits at the time of the save will be removed before the save is made. Base save prices are as follows:

Small Base- 10×10 or smaller $10.00

Medium Base- 11×11 to 25×25 $25.00

Large Base- 26×26 to 50×50 $50.00

If you would like your base saved, please let us know as soon as possible. We want to ensure it is saved prior to the wipe. If you have any questions please contact a staff member.

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