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1) Follow the Golden Rule – You know what we mean. You learned it when you were 5. Treat others with respect, don’t cheat, and don’t steal. Now, play nice.
2) Base/item sharing and use of vehicles is at your own risk. Staff will not be replacing lost shared items or vehicles.
3) Don’t dig gigantic, map breaking holes or tunnels. We know that digging is part of the game, but we just ask that you be mindful and when your dig starts to get cavernous, find a new spot. Nobody likes a premature wipe due to a broken map.
4) Speaking of digging, if you make a hole in the ground, either fill it back up or at minimum, place wood frames inside across the top of the hole so that other unsuspecting players don’t fall to their deaths. Let the zombies kill them instead.
5) Don’t dig or build on, under, over, across, or next to water. If there is water nearby, don’t dig or build there. Period.
6) The edge of your landclaim or any building of any kind may not be within 100 blocks of any server building or point of interest. Don’t block or build on roads. You risk losing your base and everything in it. You’ve been warned.
7) Each player can place up to 4 land claim blocks (lcbs.) LCBs expire after 30 continuous days of not logging in. This rule does not apply to donors.
8) No use of turrets, explosives, or Molotov cocktails at /horde.
9) Do NOT go to /lobby during horde night.
10) No more than 25 trees per base. Trees must be spaced at least 4 blocks apart.
11) Farms plots should be placed in fields no larger than 20×20 with a minimum of 4 blocks between fields. An entire farm should be no larger than the size of one land claim block. If you need more, build another farm somewhere else on the map.
12) The staff is here to make sure that the server is running as it should. Please be considerate of their time by not asking them to do things you can do for yourself.
If you have any questions about the server or its rules, please ask a staff member in game or on Discord. Thank you for choosing to spend your game time at Vadra’s Vestige. We are excited you’re here and sincerely hope you HAVE FUN